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Special Attention Notes
Following are special attention notes, indicating that:
• Functionality has changed that requires you to update models, or
• Results may differ.
If you have any questions, contact:
Category and Method Name Changes
Modifications were made to many category and method names on objects and accounts in order to adhere to a standard naming format. See the appendix, Appendix - Category and Method Name Changes, for a complete list of the changes. Expect many warning messages notifying you of the name changes the first time a model is loaded in RiverWare 6.5. There should be no change in model behavior or results.
Heron Inflow calculation
If you use the Heron Inflow calculation Reservoir Account Slot Inflow method, see Heron Inflow calculation for model changes and updates.
K Factor Unit Type
The unit type was changed for the K Factor slot in the Pan and Ice Evap reservoir method from LengthPerTemperature_F to VelocityPerTemperature_F. These are automatically updated on model load and the scheme is set to display previously shown units. RPL expressions that reference this slot must be updated or unit type inconsistencies will occur.
Workspace Background Colors
Previously configured background colors are no longer used, you must reset them.The color will be saved in the model file instead of a user setting. See Background Colors Saved with Model File for more information.
Modifications to Water User and Agg Diversion Site Dispatch conditions
The dispatch conditions when solving given Diversion for these two objects was modified. Under certain situations, you could have additional results, but existing results should not be modified. Also, the error checks are less restrictive, so a run might succeed when it previously failed. See Dispatch methods for more information on the Water User.
Revised: 08/02/2021