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Multi-Account Method Selector
It is now possible to select Account Level Methods on many accounts in one action. From the Accounts Manager choose Account Account Method Selector to open the Multiple Account Method Selector. See Multiple Account Method Selector in Accounting for more information.
Object Account Summary Dialog Improvements
The Object Account Summary dialog was improved as follows:
• When first opened, all accounts are selected. Previously, it was the first 10 in the list.
• The account list is initially closed so you can quickly see the account sum.
• There is a now a splitter between the two parts of the dialog.
For more information, see Object Account Summary in Accounting.
Renaming Accounts
It is now possible to rename many slots in one action. From the Accounts Manager, choose Account Rename... to change the name of the selected accounts. See Additional Operations in the Dialog in Accounting for more information.
OLAM Methods - Basin Specific
Rio Grande basin specific Object Level Accounting Methods (OLAMs) were enhanced to
• Allow for a monthly run timestep
• Allow multiple Rio Grande Water Type accounts on Reaches, Confluences, and Stream Gages.
In addition, documentation was developed for these OLAMs and is included in: Basin Specific Object Level Accounting Methods (OLAMs).
As part of this work, the unit type for the slots PreRes Irrigated Area Loss Rate and PreRes Meadow Area Loss rate was changed from length to velocity. All models will be updated automatically upon load. The loss rate data was converted to the new unit type assuming the existing values represented a length/day loss rate. This unit type change will produce the same model results.
Revised: 08/02/2021