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Special Attention Notes
Following are special attention notes, indicating that:
• Functionality has changed that requires you to update models, or
• Results may differ.
If you have any questions, contact:
Modified Names
Names were changed for the following category, methods, and slots. Existing model files will be updated automatically on load. Any RPL expressions or DMIs that reference changed slots will need to be updated.
Previous Name
New Name
Aggregate Diversion Site
Salinity Calculation
Return Flow Salt Calculation
No Salinity Calculation
Return Flow Salinity Pickup
Return Flow Salinity Pickup Conc
Water Quality Salt Debt
Salt Debt
Reach Reach
No Routing
Time Lag
Variable Time Lag
Impulse Response
Muskingum Cunge
No Local Inflow
Input Local Inflow
Contingent Local Inflow
Local Inflow DownstreamOnly
Calc Local Inflow
Canal Object: Canal Flow Solution
A new solution algorithm was implemented for canal flow which can produce different results for models with a Canal object. The new method requires that the minimum and maximum values be set in the slot configuration for Pool Elevation on both reservoirs linked to the Canal object. Previously the slot minimum and maximum were only required on linked Slope Power Reservoirs. Also it is highly recommended that the slot convergence for all series slots on the Canal object be set to 0.00001%. More information can be found Canal Flow Solution.
Power Reservoir: Peak Power Methods
In the Peak Power Equation and Peak Power Equation with Off Peak Spill methods on Power Reservoir objects, changes were made in how Spill and Power Plant Cap Fraction are incorporated into the calculation of Peak Release. These changes could lead to different model results. More information can be found Peak Power Equation with Off Peak Spill.
Reach: Kinematic Routing Method
A small improvement was made in the finite difference approximation used to calculate outflows in the Kinematic routing method. This will produce small numeric differences in models using this method. More information can be found Reach Kinematic Routing Method.
Priorities Saved for all Slots
For rulebased simulation, slot priorities are now saved for all slots (when outputs are saved). Previously only slots on simulation objects were saved; data object and accounting slot priorities were not saved. Testing shows that this has a negligible effect on model size or save and load performance, but let CADSWES know if you notice any issues with this.
Water Quality - Reach - Simple Well-Mixed Salinity
A new periodic slot, Maximum Salt Concentration, is now a required value when using the Mass Balance Salinity method on a Reach.
Changes to the salinity mass balance on Reach objects could produce different model results. The changes particularly effect how the solution handles salt concentrations for flows very close to zero and negative flows. More information on the salinity mass balance on a Reach can be found Reach.
Thermal Object - Number of Hydro Blocks slot
A new scalar slot, Number of Hydro Blocks, was added to the Calculate Block Economic Value method. The value in this slot should be equal to the number of columns with valid values in the Hydro Block Costs slot. If Number of Hydro Blocks is greater than the number of Hydro Block Costs columns with valid values, the run will abort with an error message.
Weekly Timestep Removed
The weekly timestep is no longer available for selection in either the run control or slot range configurations. This rarely used timestep was not fully implemented so it has been removed from the interface. If you have a model or slots with a weekly timestep, they will behave as before.
Revised: 08/02/2021