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Geospatial View
Previously, on the Geospatial canvas of the workspace, you had to specify all of the information about the image and its projection. Now, if the image contains metadata about the projection, RiverWare will configure the geospatial view to show the image in the given projection. Also you can choose to view coordinates in latitude/longitude.
There are many supported image formats (RiverWare uses the GDAL/OGR libraries) but the three most common are:
• JPEG 2000
In addition, to support these new map formats, the Geospatial Canvas Configuration Dialog was re-designed. It now shows three tabs for Image and Coordinate System, Image and Canvas Location, and Additional Display Settings. In the first tab, you can specify/show the projection information. If one of the above map formats is used, then you can also show and modify the geographic coordinates (Latitude and Longitude). The Object Coordinate Manager and the geospatial view status bar now shows these display geographic coordinates.
Finally, there is better support for transitioning existing models to use of the Geospatial view.
Revised: 08/02/2021