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Groundwater Storage Object
The following category and method names were modified on the groundwater object:
Existing Category Name
New Category Name
Existing Method Name
New Method Name
GW Solution Type
Solution Type
Single Groundwater Object
Single Computed Outflow
Connected Groundwater Objects
Head Based Groundwater Grid
Specify Connected Groundwater Objects
Lateral Link Direction
No Connected Groundwater Objects
No Linked Objects
Groundwater Outflow Calculation
Existing Name
GW Deep Percolation
Deep Percolation
Pipe Junction
Pipe Junction Solution Direction methods
On the Pipe Junction, two new methods were added to the Pipe Junction Solution Direction category:
• Solve Flow 1 Only
• Solve Flow 2 Only
These methods (along with the existing Solve Flow 3 Only method) limit the available dispatch methods and allow you to better control the Pipe Junction in Rulebased Simulation.
Step Response Seepage Routing
A new method was added to the Seepage Routing category on the Reach: Step Response Seepage. This method routes the computed seepage forward and sets the Routed Seepage slot.
Water User
Return Flow Routing method enhancements
The Step Response and Multi Split Step Response return flow routing method were added to the Return Flow Routing category. These methods are similar to the respective impulse response methods, but set values forward into the future from the current timestep.
In addition, the following methods were (re)implemented for improved performance, particularly when there are a large number of coefficients:
• Impulse Response
• Multi Split Impulse Response
• Step Response
• Multi Split Step Response
Revised: 08/02/2021