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Smart Linker
A new utility called the Smart Linker simplifies the process of linking slots by recommending a set of links between two selected objects based on the type of object, their method selections, and the relationship between the two objects.
For example, if you select a reach and a groundwater object, and you have the Head Based Seepage method selected on the reach and the Head Based Groundwater Grid method selected on the groundwater object, the Smart Linker proposes the links:
• Reach.Previous Water Table Elevation to Groundwater.Elevation Previous and
• Reach.Seepage to Groundwater.Inflow from Surface Area.
For more information, see Smart Linker Dialog in Model Building Quick Start.and HERE for a video demo.
Following is a screenshot of the utility:
Linking recommendations were implemented for: Reach, AggReach, AggDistributionCanal, Stream Gage, Reservoir, Diversion Object and Confluence, Thermal, and Groundwater. The recommended links are in no way comprehensive; additional recommendations will be added in the future. Contact riverware‑ if you have specific link recommendations that you would like implemented. All previously existing functionality for linking slots still remains.
Revised: 08/02/2021