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Aggregation Functions
The SCT was improved to allow you to quickly specify the summary function for aggregating timesteps for one or more slots on the SCT.
Interpolate Shortcut
“Ctrl-L” was added as an accelerator (shortcut) to the Interpolate operation in SCT dialogs.
Lock is Preserved
The SCT’s lock status is now preserved when an SCT is saved and re-opened. Previously, it was always locked when the SCT was opened.
Series List tab
A new tab was added to the SCT, Edit Series Slot List. This tab provides a list of all the series slots in the SCT and allows you to easily rearrange and reorganize them. It has the following features:
• It is the default tab when a new SCT is created.
• You can add, delete, or move slots up or down in the list. You can move a single selected slot or move a group of selected slots.
• You can re-label slots.
• You can group slots together and give them a label in the divider.
• You can Create Similar Groups of slots. For example if you have five slots for a given reservoir, you can quickly add those same five slots for each reservoir in your system.
For more information on this feature, see Edit Series Slot List tab in System Control Table (SCT).
Revised: 08/02/2021