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Plotting and Output
Create Similar Plot Pages
A utility, Create Similar Plot Pages, was added to allow you to create one or more similar plot pages for different Objects, Slots, Accounts, or Supplies. This utility is similar to plot templates but is more direct and allows you to generate many plot pages at one time. It substitutes the new choices into plot titles and the device name of the plot pages when creating similar new plots.
Output to Excel
The Excel Output Device now uses the same code as the new RdfToExcel library to create Excel files. This includes the ability to specify Output slot names described Output Slot Name options.
Time Axis Control
To help users with models that have data that is longer than the run range (perhaps due to pre or post-run dispatching as described Post run dispatching), enhancements were made to the plot utility to only plot the run or other range. Two new toolbar icon buttons were added to the plot page dialog (and the Graph menu). The options are:
• Scale to run range: Scale the time axis to the run range.
• Scale to specified time range: This opens a dialog to set the time range.
Also, you can configure the default time range to use when plotting. From the plot page, use the Edit Preferences Default Axis Settings menu. Then specify the desired setting in the Initial Time-Axis Auto Scaling region. This setting is persistent in model files.
Revised: 08/02/2021