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Gain Loss Coefficients on Passthrough Accounts
A category called Gain Loss Coefficient and methods were added to the passthrough account to model gain loss coefficients that vary over time. The methods are:
• Constant Gain Loss Coefficient: specify the gain loss coefficient on a scalar slot. This was the previous approach.
• Variable Gain Loss Coefficient: specify a series slot of gain loss coefficients.
• Periodic Gain Loss Coefficient: specify a periodic slot of gain loss coefficients.
For more information, see Gain Loss Coefficient in Accounting.
Object Level Accounting Method Diagnostics
Diagnostics for Object Level Accounting Methods (OLAMs) were improved to now allow you to show diagnostics for:
• RPL Method Execution
• RPL Function Execution
• RPL Print Statements
These diagnostics are available in the accounting diagnostic configuration in the Account Method group.
Revised: 08/02/2021