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Clear Values
For scalar slots, table slots, table series slots and periodic slots, a Clear Values operation was added to the Edit menu.
Editing of Values In Slot Dialogs
Enhancements and bug fixes were made to editing of values in the Open Slot, SCT, and Edit Account dialogs. Following is a list of changes that may impact you:
• Double-clicking a cell no longer converts it to input: Previously, if you double-clicked on any slot (including account slot) or SCT cell, it would convert the value to an input flag. Now, if no additional keys are pressed after a double-click, the value and flag remain.
• Tab key doesn’t select cells: Previously, if you used the tab key to move to the next cell, it would select the first cell. Any edits you made to the second cell would be applied to the first cell. This no longer happens. The Tab key just moves to the next cell.
• Editing a value takes you to left side of number: Previously, if you edited a very precise number, it would start the edit operation on the right side. This hid the larger magnitude digits. Now, the edit begins on the left side showing you the larger magnitude digits.
Initialization Flag
Previously, the “i” flag was called the Computed Input flag. Because it is used by Iterative MRM and the new Initialization rules, Initialization Rules, which both perform model setup functionality, the flag is now referred to as the Initialization flag.
Scalar and List Slot modifications
The List Slot, Scalar Slot, and Scalar Expression Slot were re-designed to remove the Ok/Apply/Cancel editing paradigm. Now, the values are applied immediately. In addition, on the two scalar slots, new buttons were added to configure the slot and edit the description (on data objects). Also, on newly created scalar slots on data objects, the default is now NaN instead of 0.0.
Import/Export now works correctly for scalar slots.
Revised: 08/02/2021