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Performance improvements to RPL are described Performance. Performance improvements to water right accounting are described Performance improvement. Following are general performance improvements:
Run Time Reduced with Dialogs Open
When you have many slot or account dialogs open, the run can slow down as these update. Now, the dialogs are only updated every 0.8 seconds while running and 0.1 seconds while not-running. This improves the performance of runs with slot dialogs open, especially accounting models. In one accounting model, having one Edit Account dialog open would run in 30 seconds while it ran in only 11 seconds when the dialog was closed. Now the run takes 12 seconds if you have the dialog open.
String Re-implementation Improvements
The representation of strings within RiverWare was re-implemented. In the course of this work, performance improvements were made. In one large test model that had a lot of list processing and lists of strings, there was a 24% decrease in run time. Another model showed about 10% reduction in run time.
Revised: 08/02/2021