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Model Run Analysis
Pre-simulation Timestep Separator
On the Model Run Analysis grid, a separator was added to distinguish pre-simulation timesteps from simulation timesteps. A solid blue divider line separates the initial and start timestep. Also, timesteps before the start time are denoted with a blue dotted line in their timestep label cell. See the screenshot to the right for a sample.
Miscellaneous Changes
Following are miscellaneous changes to this dialog:
• A view menu was added to the Dispatch Detail dialog when detached. This was done in order to provide two new menu actions with accelerators: Show Methods Tab (Ctrl+M) and Show Slots Tab (Ctrl+S).
• Enable / Disable Dispatching is now supported on selections of multiple objects.
• Performance is improved for certain operations including re-ordering when rows or columns are selected.
• An hourglass cursor is shown during slow operations like ordering columns with a large number of objects or timesteps.
Revised: 08/02/2021