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Data Management Interface
Excel DMIs Allow Environment Variable In Paths
In Excel Database DMI datasets, environment variables are now allowed in paths.
Excel Worksheet Label Length and Excel DMIs
Because Excel limits worksheet tab lengths to 31 characters, the interface for Excel Database DMI datasets was modified so that Excel worksheet tab names are limited to 31 characters. In addition, the Excel dataset execution was modified so that if slot names are in an orientation to be written to a tab, the name length is checked and if it exceeds 31 characters, the slot is not written and the user is given a message and advised to use a Name Map to map to a shorter name for writing the slot to Excel.
DMIs Executed from RPL
All input DMIs called from RPL can import values only to unlinked series slots on data objects.
Database DMIs set values and the output flag when executed from RPL. Note, input control file-executable DMIs executed from RPL still set the input flag on the imported values.
Revised: 08/02/2021