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Batch Mode and RCL
GetSlot and SetSlot Commands
The RiverWare Command Language (RCL) GetSlot and SetSlot commands were enhanced to support Scalar Slots. The commands have the following syntax:
• GetSlot {Object.Slot} [<date time>]
• SetSlot {Object.Slot} [<date time>] value
The <date time> is only required for Series Slots. Also, GetValue now returns the value in user units (it previously returned it in internal units). SetValue expects the value in user units (as before). For more information, see GetSlot in Automation Tools.
Setting Environment Variables in Batch Mode
RCL scripts can now set environment variables for use within the script and within the RiverWare run. See the Batch Mode section Environment Variables in Automation Tools for more details.
Revised: 08/02/2021