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Copy Slot lists from SCT to Output Device config
From the SCT, you can now copy one or more selected slots to RiverWare’s slot clipboard. From the slot clipboard you can paste the list of slots to various places such as the Output Device slot lists and the Snapshot Manager slot list.
Export Copy optionally includes Column Headers
When you perform an Export Copy (Edit Export Copy...) from the SCT, you now have the option to include Column Headers along with Row Headers. In the SCT vertical timestep mode, the column headers include the slot/label and units. In horizontal timestep mode, the column headers include the timestep and weekday. For more information, see Export values to an external application in System Control Table (SCT).
Flag letters and Rule Priority numbers
Previously on the SCT, series slot flag states were indicated only by background cell colors. Now, the user has the option of showing a flag letter and RPL priority numbers in addition to background color. Screenshots show this for both orientations of the SCT.
This option is contorlled through the View Cell Text menu. For more information, see Change slot value flags in System Control Table (SCT).
Four Hour Dividers
It is now possible to add four hour dividers (after 24:00, 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, 16:00, and 20:00) to an SCT in both axis configurations. This is configured in the SCT Configuration Horz Time or Vert Time tab (depending on axis configuration). Then the color of the divider can be set in the Color tab
Import Paste
Two dimensional import paste is now supported to the SCT. You can copy a table of data from Excel or another application and then Import Paste (Edit Import Paste...) the values. A dialog (shown to the right) displays the data that will be imported and provides options on how the import should perform.
SCT on abort
When a run aborts, the SCT no longer automatically scrolls to the abort operation's "context" timestep. The option to "Time Scroll" is still available to mimic the previous behavior.
Table Slots Column Labels
On the SCT, the Other Slots tab now lists, for Table Slots, the
• number of rows
• number of columns and
• the Column Labels.
Revised: 08/02/2021