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Special Attention Notes
Following are special attention notes, indicating that
• functionality has changed that requires you to update models, or
• results may differ
If you have any questions, contact:
Deprecated Expression Slots removed
Old-style expression slots are no longer supported in RiverWare 5.2. When loading a model and these slots are found, a message is posted and the slots are ignored (i.e. they are not loaded into the model).
Please see Special Attention Notes in the Prior Release Notes for information on finding and converting these slots using RiverWare 5.1.
Integer indexed slot display and synchronizing
Integer indexed slots are indexed by an integer instead of a timestep. Internally, these are stored as having an hourly timestep starting at Dec 31,1799. A bug (4797) was fixed where if a data object containing these slots was synchronized, the integer indexed series slots would also be synchronized to that new timestep and start/end date. Now, integer indexed slots will not be synchronized and any existing slots will be fixed on model load. If you had policy that referred to the timestep of these slots, it must be modified. Also, the display of these slots has been improved on the SCT cell values and summary statistics.
Series Slots converted to Periodic Slots
On the reservoirs, the following slots were converted from Series Slots to Periodic Slots:
• Irrigated Area Loss Rate
• K Factor
• Meadow Area Loss Rate
• Pan Ice Switch
When you first load your model, if you are using these slots, a series of warning message will be posted to diagnostics, for example:
“SLOT: Reservoir.K Factor: Trying to convert former slot type ("SeriesSlot") to new slot type ("PeriodicSlot")."
You must re-entered the data into these slots where applicable. This is especially true for the Pan Ice Switch; previously, the value would default to 0 if not input, now the value MUST be input. A single 0.0 in the periodic slot is sufficient if only 0 is required.
See Storage Reservoir for details.
Revised: 08/02/2021