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Exchange Configuration
The Exchange Configuration dialog was made modal meaning that edits can not be made to other dialogs when this dialog is open.
Sharing of accounting linked slots
In accounting, a “supply” is used to link two accounts. Previously, this resulted in three instances of the series, one on each account and on the supply itself. Now, accounting links share the data resulting in only one instance of the series. This makes models load faster, smaller in memory, and run faster. Note, you will not notice any difference within the RiverWare interface, it is all be done behind the scenes.
Supply Manager
In the Supply Manager Dialog, “Exchange” was added as an option for the two configurable columns and sort order.
Timing of certain Object Level Accounting Methods
In preparation for future work, the timing of object level accounting methods was modified so that in the future these methods can execute at different times, i.e. beginning of run, beginning of timestep, etc.
The only method that now executes at a different time is the “Zero Slot Inflows” method that exists on most of the objects. This method now executes at the beginning of the run to set all Slot Inflows to 0.0.
All other Object Level Accounting Methods execute at the same time as before, that is, at the end of the timestep.
Revised: 08/02/2021