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Scalar and Other Slots tabs
A tabbed approach was added to the main SCT display area. The tabs are “Series Slots”, “Scalar Slots”, and “Other Slots”. The Series Slots tab, which is the conventional SCT data table, can contains all series slots and table series slots. The Scalar Slots tab can contain both scalar slots and 1x1 table slots. The user can change a single scalar value by editing the cell directly. Also, multiple scalar values can be edited directly from the SCT by selecting the slots and typing a new value in the toolbar. The Other Slots tab can contain all slot types which are not supported by the other tabs. See SCT Layout in System Control Table (SCT) for more information.
SCT Column Width Adjustment
Column Width Adjustment toolbar buttons have been added to the SCT dialog. The available adjustment options include:
• Resize Columns: Set All to Selected Column Width
• Grow Columns: Fit Data
• Resize Columns: Fit Data
• Resize Columns: Fit All
Also, the “Fit/Grow” column-width adjustment operations were improved to take into account the increased width of “bolded” header text, used to indicate selected columns.
SCT configuration defaults
When a new SCT is created, it no longer aggregates timesteps by default. Also, if there is no default SCT defined, the warning message is not displayed anymore. The user can define the default SCT to aggregate if desired. For more information on the default SCT configurations click Using the Default SCT Configurations in System Control Table (SCT).
Supporting different timesteps
In the RiverWare 4.9, the user could create and use SCTs that have a different timestep than the current run step. Now the users now have two options for determining the range of the SCT (begin and end dates, timestep size):
• Relative to Run (the old way): the range and timestep default to that of the run when the SCT is created. The user can specify the number of pre- or post-run timesteps to view in addition to those within the run. They can also override the timestep of the run and specify a different timestep.
• Based on Slot ranges: the timestep is determined from the first slot added to the SCT, the range is maintained to be the minimal range which includes all the ranges of the member slots.
A new toggle was added to the General tab: Always Synchronize to Slots which engages the Based on Slot range mode described above.
Revised: 08/02/2021