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Special Attention Notes
Following are special attention notes, indicating that
• functionality has changed that requires the user to update models, or
• results may differ
If you have any questions, contact:
Checking Iterations when Convergence is None
Previously, if a slot had “None” specified as the convergence criteria, the iteration count was being skipped. This bug has been fixed and a convergence type of None will now result in the slot skipping the convergence check but max iterations will be checked. A possible implication of this fix is that some models which were not previously reaching their maximum iteration will now do so.
Convergence Type and Min/Max on Accounting Slots
On accounting slots (Account.Inflow, Account.Outflow), the convergence type will be set to Percent Change and only changes to the value will be permitted. In models created using previous versions of RiverWare, the convergence type will be changed on model load if they are not already Percent Change. Accounting supplies between two multislots (e.g. transfers in & out) will be changed to have a convergence of None and those between a series slot and a multislot will have the convergence of the series slot typically Percent Change. Also, there is no min/max checking done on account slots so this configuration option has been disabled.
With this change, many supplies now will have None as the convergence criteria. Even though the account solving will converge based on the convergence of the slots to which the supplies are propagated, rules that set supplies may fire more often as they will always reset the value, even if it is exactly the same. If this situation is occurring, users may need to modify some rule logic and should judiciously set the rules comparison tolerance Setting Tolerance for Use in the Logical Comparison Operators in RiverWare Policy Language (RPL) if they have not already done so.
Convergence Slot Name Change
On Reservoir objects the Convergence slot has been renamed Convergence Percentage. The new name was chosen as it is more descriptive of the slots purpose. The user will see a warning message when the model is first loaded. If this slot is used in RPL sets or DMIs, the user will need to update the RPL set or DMI with the new name.
Muskingum Cunge routing method
A bug was fixed in the Muskingum Cunge method where the Distributed Outflows were being written at the previous timestep. The Outflow to the reach was correct. This bug was fixed so that now the Distributed Outflows are written at the correct timestep. Users of this method will notice different results in the Distributed Outflows slot but the Outflow from the reach will be the same.
Old-style Optimization is no longer supported
In RiverWare 5.0, the original (Tcl-based) optimization is no longer supported. Now, only RPL-based optimization runs can be made.
Removed support of TCL functions in RPL
The RiverWare Policy Language (RPL) no longer supports Tool Command Language (TCL) user-defined functions. When the RPL set is loaded (the set can still be opened) and an enabled Tcl function is found, an error is issued: “RPL no longer supports Tcl functions. Please remove or disable the function.” Please convert any TCL functions into RPL functions.
Revised: 08/02/2021