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General RiverWare
The RiverWare help files have been reorganized to be more general and sorted by topic. Additional documentation has been provided on how simulation and rulebased simulation works. Also, accounting documentation is now available.
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Batch Mode/RCL
ListSlotDMI command
A new keyword pair was added to the RiverWare Command Language (RCL): SlotListDMI <DMI name> <output file>
This pair writes information about the slots to / from which the DMI imports / exports data; the information is written as comma-separated values to the output file. The information includes:
• The slot’s name.
• The slot’s priority (determined by its dataset association).
• The slot’s begin date “mm-dd-yyyy”.
• The slot’s begin time “hh:mm:ss”.
• The slot’s end date “mm-dd-yyyy”.
• The slot’s end time “hh:mm:ss”.
• The dataset associated with the slot.
• The dataset’s type, currently DSS or HDB.
– If the dataset is DSS, then additional type specific information is written : the DSS path “/A/B/C/D/E/F/”.
More information on this and other RCL keywords can be found in About RiverWare Command Language in Automation Tools.
DateTime values in slots
It is now possible to store DateTime values in series, aggregate series, table, and scalar slots on data objects. To store datetimes, a new unit type, DateTime was added. Within this unit type, the user can specify the following either fully or partially specified datetimes (as user units):
• Full DateTime
• Month
• Month and Day
• Time of Year
• Day of Month
• Time of Month
• Time of Day
• Year
To input dates into the slot, the user can either type a DateTime into the slot or use the provided selector and then select apply. The structure of the selector depends on the type of user unit that is specified. The following screenshots show both a slot with a fully specified DateTime and one with a partially specified DateTime showing only the month:
For more information including directions on storing DateTime values in slots, see DateTime Values in Slots in User Interface.
Data Management Interface
Database DMIs: HDB connection
There is now the ability to establish a direct data connection between RiverWare and the Hydrologic DataBase (HDB). This connection requires Oracle Client or a full database installation to be available from the user's machine. Data is transferred by creating and configuring HDB datasets in the Dataset Manager and running DMIs containing these datasets. More information on this feature can be found in HDB Datasets in Data Management Interface (DMI). This is the alpha release of this feature; the functionality and user interface are still under development.
DMI Import of Periodic Slots
A bug related to units and configuration of a multiple-column periodic slot during importation has been fixed. When importing (and resizing) data via a DMI to a periodic slot, columns other than the first did not have the correct units or configuration. After the table is resized to match the number of underlying table columns on the periodic slot column map, all the columns are set to have the same configuration (including units) as the first.
Multiple Run Management (MRM)
In the MRM consecutive mode, a change was made to allow the user to enter up to 99,999 timesteps instead of the default 99 timesteps.
A new flow unit was added to the units file: m3/day. RiverWare displays it as m3/day.
Revised: 08/02/2021