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Special Attention Notes
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Hydrologic Inflow Forecast
The slot Hydrologic Inflow Forecast was added as a dispatch slot to the reservoir objects. In certain models, the Hydrologic Inflow Forecast was calculated throughout the forecast period but did not cause the reservoir to dispatch given the new information. This could change results in models that use the Geometric Recession or Exponential Recession in the Generate Forecast Hydrology category.
Changes to the Accounting system
To decrease the size of accounting models, a number of changes were made that could affect existing models. In general, restrictions were tightened on the allowed slots on passthrough accounts. Slots that are no longer supported are removed from the model file. Although this change will not affect the solution of the accounting system, it is possible that this change could affect existing rulebased models that use functions to look up accounting information on the objects.
For more information, see Changes to Passthrough Accounts If you have any difficulty updating your model, contact:
Revised: 08/02/2021