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New Accounting Workspace
A new feature has been added to RiverWare that allows the user to visualize and build an accounting network. Once Accounting is enabled, a pull-down menu appears on the toolbar that allows the user to switch from the Simulation View to the Accounting View. The first time this action is performed, RiverWare locates the objects according to the simulation view layout. The objects and accounts can be rearranged by dragging them to their new location, which is saved with the model file. Large rectangles represent objects; the icon and name are shown in the upper left. The small rectangles inside the object represent storage accounts, ovals represent pass-through accounts, and trapezoids represent diversion accounts. The arrows represent the supplies. Colors and other display attributes of the objects, accounts, supplies are controlled using the Display Group Editor found on the Workspace menu. Simulation links can be shown from the Display Group Editor -> Preferences menu. A configured display is shown in the screen shot below.
The Accounting View can also be used to view and build models. Double-clicking on the object rectangle or the account brings up the appropriate dialog. New objects can be added using the right-click->Add Objects menu. Supplies can also be added by right-clicking on the downstream account, selecting Add Supply, then right-clicking on the upstream account. More information on this feature is available from the User Interface section of the RiverWare Help.
Accounting System Configuration Dialog
The Accounting System Configuration Dialog was reimplemented in Qt as shown in the following screen shot.
This dialog is accessed through the Accounting -> Account System Configuration menu. In the new dialog, there are no longer tabs. Instead, everything is shown in one view. Water Owners, Water Types, Release Types and Destination Types can be added by clicking on the “+” icon or deleted using the “-” icon. User Units, Scale, Precision, Format, and Convergence can be changed by right-clicking on the desired variable.
Account Configuration Dialog - Open Account Dialog
The Open Account dialog has been reimplemented in Qt and enhanced for usability as shown in the following screen shot.
In the new dialog, there is now a Slots tab in addition to the Methods, Supplies, General, and Units tabs. The Slots tab shows the accounting slots in a format similar to the Open Object dialog. Double-clicking on a slot brings up the standard Open Slot dialog. The Supplies tab now incorporates information on both supplies and demands; the Demands tab was removed. The Units tab looks similar to the old dialog; right-clicking on a cell changes the value.
Revised: 08/02/2021