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Special Attention Notes
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Full conversion to new SCT (2.0)
In completing the migration to the new SCT, it is now no longer possible to create an old style (1.0) SCT. Now when users select SCT -> New SCT... the new version (2.0) of the SCT is automatically created. When 1.0 version SCTs are loaded and saved they are automatically converted to the 2.0 version SCT.
Flags set by rules
Whenever a rule sets the Drift, Max Capacity, or Best Efficiency flag on a slot, RiverWare now requires that object to dispatch immediately. This is the usual behavior, but if it does not occur, RiverWare will post an error message and abort. Users should be able to resolve this error by reordering rules or restructuring the rule logic.
Partition BW Elevation method changed to Weighting Coefficients method
The Slope Partition category and the Partition BW Elevation method on the Slope Power Reservoir have been removed and replaced by the Slope Storage Coefficients category and the Weighting Coefficients method. Users with models in which the Partition BW Elevation method was selected will have to select the Weighting Coefficients method the first time the model is loaded. Also, any user input slot data related to the Partition BW Elevation method will have to be re-imported into the Weighting Coefficients method’s slots. All slot names have remained the same.
Hydro Capacity slot on Inline Power object
The Hydro Capacity slot on the Inline Power object is now only available and computed if a power method is selected.
Check Iterations
Check Iterations is now always enabled during rulebased simulation. Check Iterations checks the number of times a slot is set during one timestep and is used to detect infinite loops. Previously, having ‘check iterations’ turned on slowed down model performance. Now there is no decrease in performance when Check Iterations is turned on.
RPL Expression Slots
Values in RPL expression slots which are evaluated “Never” or “Only Interactively” are now no longer cleared at the beginning of a new run. Previously these values were always cleared and would remain cleared until the user interactively evaluated the slot. Users should be aware that values in an expression slot evaluated “Never” or “Only Interactively” could be the result of a previous run, i.e., the run after which the slot was evaluated.
Revised: 08/02/2021