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New Diagnostic reports in millions of dollars
A new optimization diagnostic reports the final objective function value in millions of dollars.
Warning Messages Removed
The warning messages informing users that they have created additional optimization variables have been removed. User-created optimization variables are now available for AggSeries slots and are the recommended option for user-created variables. These slots function approximately the way Outflow slots on reservoirs do. They automatically add columns for a total of 3 columns. The optimization output column is copied over to the simulation column and is marked as input. When the next optimization run starts all, the values in both the simulation and optimization output columns are cleared.
Power Regulation
Hydropower can be an economic source of ancillary power services. One ancillary service, power “regulation”, uses hydropower to “follow” fluctuations in real-time power demand. With this release, RiverWare has methods which allocate turbine capacity for power regulation. After modeling is complete, the allocated capacity becomes available to dispatchers for real-time load following.
This functionality is intended to be used primarily with optimization and post-optimization simulation in RiverWare. Consequently, most non-optimization users will not want to model power regulation and the default settings for the methods related to power regulation reflect this. On power reservoirs, the new method category is “Regulation Category”, and the default setting is “None”.On thermal objects, the new method category is “Regulation”, and the default setting is “No Regulation”.
Detailed documentation on how optimization users can add regulation to their models is in the document, Power Regulation in RiverWare, available from CADSWES.
Objective Function
Thermal Object Avoided Operating Cost
When optimization reports an objective function value that includes "Thermal Object.Avoided Operating Cost" the units will now be reported in the units selected by the user for the "Thermal Object.Total Values" slot.
Thermal Objective Reported in Simulation
Simulation has a new method category, "Thermal Objective Reported", that controls which objective is reported for simulation. At this time there are four methods that use the existing slots:
1. none
2. Avoided Cost
3. Avoided Cost Plus Cumulative Value of Storage (includes the value of final storage)
4. Avoided Cost Plus Net Cumulative Value of Storage (includes final value - initial value)
The units for the Total Value slot will also be used for reporting this value.
Revised: 08/02/2021