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Automated Pass Through Account Creation Function
It is now possible to automatically generate pass-through accounts. This function allows the user to identify two existing accounts on different simulation objects and create linked pass-through accounts on all intermediate simulation objects in one single operation. This new functionality is a convenient alternative to creating pass through account via the Open Object dialog individually for each intermediate object. The Pass Through Account Creation dialog can be accessed from either the Open Object dialog box or the Water Accounts Manager dialog box. From either of these dialogs select Account -> Create -> Pass Through Accounts. Next, select the desired upstream account and desired downstream account. Select or enter the desired Account Name, Account Water Type, Account Water Owner, Supply Release Type, and Supply Destination. Select OK and all intermediate pass through accounts will be automatically generated. Further details on the Automated Pass Through Account Creation Function are available in the User Interface section of the online help.
Account Manager Dialog
Several new capabilities have been added to the Account manager Dialog. During this enhancement process, the Accounting Manager dialog box was ported from Galaxy (GUI toolkit) to Qt.
A new property, Account Priority Date, can be now be set via the Account Manager Dialog box. The Account Priority Date represents the date a water right was acquired and can be set on Storage and Diversion Accounts. Priority date is specified by Year, Month, Day, and hour (1 to 24). No two accounts may have the same Account Priority Date.
It is also now possible to set the Water Type and Water Owner of multiple Accounts via the Account Manger Dialog. Note that properties can not be set on accounts having an open Account Configuration dialog -- a warning message pop-up dialog informs the user of that condition, and allows the user to raise the Account Configuration dialog box.
More information is available in the User Interface section of the online help.
Supply Manager Dialog
The RiverWare Supplies Manager can now show and sort Supply Types. The Supplies Manager dialog box shows a single Supply per row. There are two configurable data columns which can each show one of several properties of the Supply or of the Supply’s Upstream or Downstream Account. ("Supply Type" was just added to the available selections). The Supply Types are indicated with these names: ST_DivRet, ST_InOut, and ST_Transfers.
More information is available in the User Interface section of the online help.
Priority Date Fields
Accounts now have an optional attribute called Priority Date. An account can be configured to have a priority date through either the account configuration dialog (to modify a single account) or through the Water Accounts Manager dialog. The priority date is used to specify the priority of an account. An earlier priority date implies a higher priority. This information can be used to sort accounts by priority date in the Water Accounts Manager dialog, or it can be used in conjunction with the new RPL predefined functions that make use of this information. These functions are discussed in the Rulebased Simulation section above.
Plotting Account Multislot Data
RiverWare now supports plotting of account data at both the account level and the multislot level. If the user has an account open, a slot can be plotted by selecting a column and selecting the plot menu item (under the File menu title). In addition, if the user double-clicks on a multislot (i.e. Outflow or Inflow) to open the multislot detail dialog, the user can plot the data from individual supplies by selecting a column and using the plot menu item.
Revised: 08/02/2021