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RiverWare Viewer
RiverWare Viewer is a new "read-only" version of RiverWare. This version of RiverWare is available at no cost to those who would like to view the output of model runs, but do not need to build, modify or run models themselves.
Current license holders do not need a new license to run RiverWare Viewer. Full RiverWare license holders can download the RiverWare 4.5 Release and run and examine RiverWare Viewer through the command line by typing:
riverware --viewer
Stakeholders and other parties interested in using only the RiverWare Viewer can download it for free from the CADSWES web pages. Information and instructions are provided on the RiverWare Viewer web page:
RiverWare Viewer users must contact CADSWES directly for the free license file. In future releases, this process will be automated through the CADSWES web pages.
Revised: 08/02/2021