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New Accounting Method on the Reservoir Object
A new method, Elephant Butte Loss with RG Compact, was added to the Storage Account Gain Loss method category on the Reservoir object. This method is specific to accounting in the Rio Grande model. This new method is similar to the Elephant Butte Loss Calculation method. The difference is that when the old method is selected, the Rio Grande GainLoss is distributed only to accounts with a positive storage. If the new method is selected, the Gain Loss is distributed to all accounts, regardless of whether or not the storage is negative.
Change to Existing Storage Account Gain Loss Methods on the Reservoir
The Elephant Butte Loss Calculation and El Vado Loss Calculation methods in the Storage Account Gain Loss category on the Reservoir object have been updated to consider multiple Rio Grande accounts. These methods are specific to accounting in the Rio Grande model. The gain loss calculation is done in the same manner as before except that now it distributes the Gain Loss value proportionally (based on storage) among all Rio Grande accounts rather than assigning the Gain Loss to only one Rio Grande account. Also, these Loss Calculation methods now take into account any transfers between two Rio Grande accounts.
Revised: 08/02/2021