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Nambe Falls Loss Calculation
A new method, called Nambe Falls Loss Calculation, was added to the Storage Account Gain Loss category. This method is intended to replace the Nambe Falls portion of the Daily Program formerly used to model the upper Rio Grande system. This method is very specific and should only be used in the Rio Grande model.
Exporting Data from Object Account Summary Dialog
Export All Slots (Display Precision) and Export All Slots (Model Precision) operations are now available from the Object Account Summary dialog box "File" menu. The displayed slot sums (across the selected set of Accounts on a specific SimObj) are output to a text file: one column per Slot, one row per timestep. Also, comments appear at the beginning of the file indicating the Object Name, the number of Accounts represented in the sums, and information about the various Slots (one Slot per comment row) - including the Slot Name, Unit Type, and Units of the data used for that Slot. (The Unit Type and Units will depend on the user’s current setting for the Flow / Volume toggle in the Object Account Summary dialog box).
Revised: 08/02/2021