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Special Attention Notes
• RiverWare is now available for the Windows 2000 platform. RiverWare will also run on NT, however, it is only supported for Windows 2000. Important information about using the Windows executable is included below in the RiverWare for Windows 2000 section.
• Plotting is now available for the Windows version of RiverWare. RiverWare uses PrestoPlot for all plotting that takes place on the Windows platform. This is intended as a temporary solution until a better cross-platform plotting solution can be found.
• Optimization is now available for the Windows version of RiverWare. You will need a Windows CPLEX license to run optimization on Windows. Contact CADSWES for this.
• Rulesets now have file versioning so that ruleset files can be matched with model files. This allows RiverWare see which release was last used to save the ruleset. The first time a ruleset is loaded into RiverWare Release 4.1, RiverWare will not recognize the ruleset version (because an existing ruleset will not have one yet) and the user will see the following RiverWare notice.
Even though the dialog box says that the file cannot be recognized as a RiverWare ruleset, it will recognize it when the Continue button is clicked. Then, once the ruleset is saved in the new release, it will have a version number and you will not see this message again.
• Several new predefined functions have been added to the rules palette. Since these are very general functions, and have very general names, there is a possibility for naming conflicts with existing rulesets. For example, one of the new functions is call “Sum”. If an existing ruleset contains a user defined function or variable called “Sum”, the ruleset will not load in the new release. The user will get an error message when loading the ruleset. The message explains exactly where the conflict is located. In order to load the ruleset in the new release, the user will need to modify the ruleset to alleviate the conflict. This is done by changing the name of the user defined function or variable.
Negative Outflow Warnings Removed
• Prior to this release, if a reach object computed a negative outflow it would print a warning message to the diagnostics window. In Rulebased Simulation models, reaches often solve several times per timestep. While some of these solutions may result in a negative outflow, the final result is usually a positive outflow. This results in several warning messages that are insignificant because the final answer is not negative. Furthermore, these messages clutter the diagnostics window and are generally annoying. In RiverWare 4.1 these warning messages have been removed. Since most users ignored these messages for the reasons given above, this is generally not a problem. However, if some users were relying on these warning messages to catch modelling errors, they need to be aware of this change and find this information some other way.
Revised: 08/02/2021