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Simulation Objects
The following enhancements to the RiverWare simulation objects are described briefly. The user is encouraged to consult the Simulation Objects Documentation in the online help for more detailed descriptions of the enhancements to the objects and their methods.
Local Inflow Solution Direction Category
The name of the category LocalInflowCalculationCategrory was changed to Local Inflow Solution Direction to more generally describe the types of methods in the category. Methods in the category allow the user to select the type of local inflow calculation and limit the solution direction, i.e., the dispatch methods available. When a model with the old category name is loaded, the category names are changed and a warning is posted, but model results are not affected.
LocalInflowDownstreamOnly method
A new method, LocalInflowDownstreamOnly, was added to the Local Inflow Solution Direction category. This method, available only with the noRouting method selected, forces the reach to solve downstream only by limiting the available dispatch methods to solveNROutflow. The method is especially useful in Rulebased Simulation models for reaches that always solve downstream or models where rule priorities force the reach to solve in the wrong direction.
Seepage and Riparian CU Loss method
A new method, Seepage and Riparian CU Loss, was added to the Seepage Calc category. It is only available when using the noRouting method in the routing method category and LocalInflowDownstreamOnly in the Local Inflow Solution Direction category. It models seepage and loss from a reach by an empirical equation with inflows and consumptive use as inputs. More information can be found in the Simulation Objects Documentation online.
Input Seepage method
A new method, Input Seepage, was added to the Seepage Calculation category to allow users to input the seepage or set the seepage with a rule.
Revised: 08/02/2021