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RiverWare for Windows 2000
RiverWare is now available and supported for Windows 2000 (it will also run on NT but CADSWES is supporting Windows 2000). The user should be aware of the following differences that exist in RiverWare for Windows:
• Middle-mouse features such as QuickLink or rearranging the rows in the run analysis dialog are activated with the combination (pressed in this order): Alt + right mouse button + left mouse button.
• QuickLink can also be activated using the right-mouse button.
• The Locator View window often gets in a bad state when you resize the main workspace.
• It is possible that the objects may get shifted off the workspace if the workspace window is resized in certain ways. In order to make the objects visible again, you must save the model then reload it. Reloading the model will shift the model so that all objects are visible on the workspace.
• Ruleset files can be moved from unix to windows without modification. To move a Ruleset file from Windows to Unix you must run dos2unix on the ruleset file.
• Plotting is not supported on Windows.
• Optimization is not supported on Windows.
• The Windows DMI executable can be a DOS batch file or any other windows executable that can be run directly from a command shell.
• When saving model files that you intend to move between windows and unix systems, always save with the .gz extension. This saves the model in a binary format that is the same on windows and unix.
Revised: 08/02/2021