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Model Loading
Local Inflow Solution Direction
When loading a model, RiverWare gives a warning letting the user know that the Local Inflow Solution Direction category name is replacing the localInflowCalculationCategory category name. The Local Inflow Solution Direction method category allows the user to choose which direction RiverWare solves on a Reach object. After you save your model in RiverWare 4.0, these warnings will not show up the next time you load the model. See the Simulation Objects section of the online help for more details.
Some “SeriesSlots” changed to “AggSeriesSlots”
Some SeriesSlots have been converted to AggSeriesSlots. When loading old models, diagnostics messages may be generated as old slot types are automatically converted to new slot types:
Trying to convert former slot type (“SeriesSlot”) to new slot type (“AggSeriesSlot”).
Do not be concerned by these messages. You do not need to make any changes to your model. The use and functionality of these slots has not changed.
Revised: 08/02/2021