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General RiverWare
Printing an SCT (Simulation Control Table)
Menu options have been provided for printing a selection, the current page, or the entire SCT. Previously, if any cells were selected when the Print Portrait menu item was selected, the pages starting with the selection were printed and, if no cells were selected, the entire SCT was printed (printing the current page was not supported at all).
File Chooser Width
A fix was made to the RiverWare 3.1.1 patch release that forced the File Chooser dialog to open at the maximum possible single column width. Prior to this fix, if the user expanded the width of the File Chooser, it would expand to several small columns instead of one wide column. This was a problem when trying to view long file names. The File Chooser dialog was not wide enough to view the entire length of the file name. The fix made to RiverWare 3.1.1 corrected this problem but it introduced another problem that is dependent upon the user’s system. If the maximum File Chooser width is too large, a Galaxy (windows software used in RiverWare) bug would occur that causes RiverWare to crash with a floating point error as soon as the File Chooser is opened. Because this is system dependent, we removed the code that fixed the original problem. Now the File Chooser defaults to the original size and long file names may not be entirely visible. However, an environment variable called RW_FILECHOOSERWIDTH was created so the user can set the maximum file chooser width if it is not large enough to view the entire file name. The bug fix for RiverWare 3.1.1 was using a value of 255. This was large enough to view long file names but it produced the Galaxy core dump on some systems. The user must experiment with the maximum value for RW_FILECHOOSERWIDTH as it applies to his/her system. This number can vary anywhere from about 150 up to 400.
Model file vs. DMI Precision
Previously, if TVA ran DMIs, ran the optimization, saved the model, reloaded the model, and reran optimization, the solutions would be different. We have reduced the precision of DMI imports to the precision saved in model file and expect this to eliminate such differences. This is not testable at CADSWES and is essential for TVA to test.
Revised: 08/02/2021