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General RiverWare
Enhancements to the SCT (Simulation Control Table)
Several enhancements were made to the SCT dialog.
1. Toggling Row Detail is activated by double-clicking on the row or by pressing Alt-D with the row selected.
2. The user may now page up and down through the SCT using the Page Up and Page Down buttons. Paging left and right through the SCT is accomplished by Control-Shift-Left/Right Arrow.
3. Arrow-key navigation around the SCT cells is possible by Control-arrow keys.
4. The user may now Copy and Paste rectangular regions, rows, and columns by using the Edit menu items or by Control-C (copy) and Control-V (paste). Copy/Paste does not paste summary type or units information.
Annual Timestep
An annual (yearly) timestep has been added to RiverWare along with the yearly units to support it. Documentation of the development of an annual timestep model and a comparison of its results to the monthly timestep model from which it was derived is available as a link in the sponsor area of the web site.
“--norun” Command Line Option
When invoking RiverWare with the --norun (that’s two “-” symbols), RiverWare will load with the Start and Step buttons in the Run Control dialog disabled. This prevents the user from running the model. This was developed for a situation where the model developers wanted to be able to show the model to stakeholders without allowing them to actually perform a run. To invoke RiverWare with this option type the following at the command line prompt:
> riverware --norun
Multiple Run Management
The multiple run management functionality was enhanced to enable Simulation runs to automatically follow Optimization runs. This allows Optimization models to be run in the Consecutive mode. This means that an Optimization run is executed for a given time period followed by a Simulation run for that same time period. The Simulation run uses information from Optimization and also provides the initial conditions for the next Optimization run, which is performed for the following run period (as defined by the user). Also, various bugs were fixed to improve the overall functionality of the Consecutive mode of multiple run management.
Table Slot Enhancement
Table slots now show the full row labels. Previously, the labels were truncated to 14 characters.
Revised: 08/02/2021