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Release Notes Version 3.0
This document describes new features, enhancements, and changes included in RiverWare Version 3.0, released on February 18, 2000. These changes are new to the executable since the release of RiverWare Version 2.1 on March 10, 1999.
Please direct questions to RiverWare Technical Support at (303) 492-0908 or
Special Attention Notes:
• The Accounting calculations in RiverWare are still under development. Accounting should only be used by sponsors directly involved with the development process.
• The Optimization solver is available to non-sponsors for the first time in this release. It is a beta version. Please report any problems to CADSWES. Online documents for optimization will be released soon.
• Rulesets saved in the new release CANNOT be used in older executables. There is no message to warn the user about this. Rulesets saved under previous executables CAN be used with the new release however.
• It is important that users do not use the Confluence as a bifurcation object. Specifically, the Inflow slot on a Confluence object should not be linked to the Inflow slot on any other object. A bifurcation object will be available in RiverWare soon.
• For Reach objects solving downstream with the noRouting method, Seepage is now removed before Reach Bank Storage and Gain/Loss calculations when dispatching. Previously Seepage had been removed after Total Gain/Loss was calculated so different values for Total Gain/Loss will now be computed. When solving upstream, Return Flow is now removed before computing Total Gain/Loss resulting in different values for Total Gain/Loss.
• On the Water User object, the name of the Agricultural Requests method in the Diversion and Depletion Request calculation category has been changed to Irrigation Requests. The Agricultural Requests method used in old models is automatically replaced by the Irrigation Requests method.
• On the Reach object, the method category Uncertainty Calculation was changed to Reach Uncertainty Calculation.
• Confluences are now allowed to dispatch before the start of the run. This can result in an overdetermination error before the start of the run if a confluence solves and receives information across a link from another object or if its information propagates to another object.
• The spilledEnergyCalc category is no longer available. Therefore, the Spilled Energy, Spilled Power, and Spilled Energy Power Coefficient slots no longer exist.
• The following slots are converted from type SeriesSlot to AggSeriesSlot: On Reservoir Objects: Tailwater Elevation, Evaporation, Precipitation Volume, Surface Area, Available For Diversion, Change in Bank Storage On Water User and AggDiversionSites: Total Diversion, Total Depletion, Total Return Flow, Total Unused Water, Incoming Available Water, Outgoing Available Water, Diversion, Inflow, and Outflow. These changes will not adversely affect models saved in an older version of RiverWare.
Revised: 08/02/2021