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Release Notes Version 1.2
This document describes new features, enhancements, and changes included in RiverWare Version 1.2, released on October 27, 1997.
These changes are new to the executable since the release of RiverWare Version 1.1 on July 7, 1997.
Please direct questions to CADSWES Technical Support at (303) 492-0908 or
Required Model File Updates:
• Models using the Peak Power Calc or Peak Base Power Calc must be modified. The minimum and maximum Operating Head data which were input in the Min and Max fields of the Operating Head slot configuration must now be set on a new slot added for this purpose. See section 2B for more details.
Special Attention Notes:
• Unlinked Inflow slots of Reservoir objects no longer default to zero if not input by the user. All Reservoirs which are at the upstream boundaries of riverbasin models should be checked for proper inputs. If Inflow is an intended known value for dispatching of a Reservoir, it must either be propagated from an upstream link or directly input on the Inflow slot. Similarly, Water Quality Inflow Mass parameters no longer default to zero if the Reservoir Inflow is unlinked and not input. See section 1A for more details.
Revised: 08/02/2021