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Output Utilities and Data Visualization : Tabular Series Slot Report : Generating Tabular Series Slot Reports
Generating Tabular Series Slot Reports
Once configured, a Tabular Series Slot Report can be generated in several ways, resulting in the creation of either a plain text file or an HTML file.
From the Output Configuration manager, a Tabular Series Slot Report can be generated in three ways. After selecting the desired report list item, do one of the following:
• Select Generate, or
• Select the Generate, then Generate Selected Objects menu item, or
• Select the Generate Selected Outputs context (right-click) menu item.
Figure 3.15   
Or, from the Output Configuration dialog for a particular Tabular Series Slot Report, the report can be generated in either of the following ways:
• Select Generate, or
• Select the Output, then Generate/Refresh menu item.
An error dialog will be shown in these two circumstances:
• The configured file path for the selected output type (plain text or HTML) is invalid, or is not writable.
• The slot list is empty.
After the report file is generated, the following actions occur:
• The file path of the generated file is copied to the system clipboard.
• This dialog box is shown to report that path, and to give the option of viewing the report file in an external viewer application, which is a program configured using the File Type Associations manager (see File Type Association Manager). In the case of a plain text report file, you are given the option of using either the viewer for text files or the viewer (browser) for HTML files, if those are distinct. In the case of an HTML report, only the web browser option is available.
Revised: 08/02/2021