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About the Tabular Series Slot Report
The Tabular Series Slot Report is an output device that generates a plain text or HTML document showing, in a table or multiple tables, values for a set of series slots. The data for each series slot is displayed in one column of the table.
Figure 3.1   
The configurable properties of the document include the following:
• Title and subtitle text
• Description
• The ordered list of series slots, and optional alternate column labels for each slot column.
• The series date range (with an option to use the model run date range)
• A choice of showing the full range in a single table, or a separate table for a fixed number of timesteps, or a table for each month.
• When selecting separate tables, the printed output can optionally include page breaks between tables.
• Optional omission of slots having only “NaN” values or only “NaN” or zero values.
• Optional display of NaNs and/or Zeros as blanks.
• For the HTML report, configurable fonts and cell background colors for various types of text and numeric data.
• Optional user specified slot column labels and units
• Optional wrapping of column labels
Revised: 08/02/2021