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Output Utilities and Data Visualization : Snapshots : About the Snapshot Manager
About the Snapshot Manager
The Snapshot Manager is used to specify the slots of interest and take snapshots of their values after a run. The slots and the snapshots of the slots are listed in the Snapshot Manager so that the saved data can be retrieved. Data saved in the snapshots are available in all of the output formats described earlier in this chapter.
The Snapshot manager is opened by selecting Utilities, then Snapshot Management or selecting Snapshot from the main RiverWare menu.
The Snapshot Manager has two scrollable lists. The left list, the Snapshot Template holds the slot names for which snapshots are made. The right list holds the names of the created snapshots, the number of slots in that snapshot and a time stamp indicating when it was created. Above these lists are buttons for adding slots to and deleting slots from the Snapshot Template and a field to specify the default name used when creating a new snapshot. Generally, each snapshot corresponds to a run, and holds the values of those slots as read-only data.
Revised: 08/02/2021