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About Scenario Management
This section describes the basic features of the Scenario Manager and how to construct scenarios.
• If you are creating a scenario baseline model, see Baseline Model Creation.
• If you are a stakeholder and want to make scenario runs, see Creating, Editing, and Running Scenarios.
Scenario Management Terms
The following terms are used when describing scenario management.
Creator / Baseline Developer
The user who transforms a regular model into a Baseline model. This user selects the slots that will be changed and the slots to compare. He/she makes the baseline model run.
Scenario User / Stakeholder
The user(s) who loads a baseline model, creates a scenario, and runs the scenario. This is typically a stakeholder who wishes to run the model in a controlled fashion.
Baseline model
A model that cannot be directly edited by a user. A scenario user can apply different scenarios to a baseline model, but they cannot edit the data in the baseline model directly.
Scenario input slot list
The set of slots that can be edited. This is defined by the initial creator of the baseline model and cannot be edited other than changing values by scenario users.
Scenario output slot list
The set of interesting output slots. This is defined by the initial creator of the baseline model and cannot be edited.
Alternative data for slots in the scenario input slot list which can be loaded into the model in order to perform model runs.
Revised: 08/02/2021