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Output File Structure
The output file has the following hierarchical structure, where package refers to the set of runs.
• Package name
• Package owner (user who conducts the run)
• Object/slot combinations and units saved for the run
• Number of runs
• Description (text)
• Type (simulation, optimization, etc.)
For each run:
• Start date
• End date
• Timestep
• Duration
• Rule set
• Constraint set
• Slot set
• Consecutive set
For each object/slot combination:
• Value
• Time stamp
Results of multiple runs are the values for any object/slot combinations. Multislots, as well as series and expression slots, are stored as a time series of values. Table and scalar slots are stored as tables of values.
Results from multiple runs are written to a formatted text (ASCII) file. See ASCII File Format for details.
Revised: 08/02/2021