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Modeling a Storage Reservoir
Use these steps to set up a Storage reservoir for Optimization.
1. Set up a running simulation model, using methods that are compatible with optimization for Spill.
2. Select the Optimization Spill method corresponding to the method selected in the Spill category.
3. Fill in the LP Param table related to Release.
4. If future value is needed, select a method in the Future Value category, followed by the Optimization Future Value category, and if desired, Cumul Stor Val Linearization Automation.
5. Selection of the remaining methods and linearizations can be done in any order. Pool elevation linearizations, Pool Elevation Linearization Automation, Evaporation and Precipitation, Optimize Evaporation Computation, Evaporation Linearization Automations, Bank Storage, Hydrologic Inflow, Energy In Storage, and Diversion from Reservoir. The appropriate data must be entered for each method.
Revised: 08/02/2021