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Optimization Reserves
This category depends on selecting either Plant Power Coefficient or Plant Efficiency Curve in the Power category. The methods in this category can be used to account for power reserve requirements in the optimization policy. There is no analogous simulation method associated with this category.
Note:  The methods in this category have not been fully implemented for Slope Power Reservoirs. The selected method should be left as the default, None. Otherwise the run terminates with an error message stating that the method selection is not allowed for Slope Power Reservoirs.
* None
This is the default, no action method. No new slots are added, and no new variables or constraints are added to the Optimization problem.
This method should always be selected for Slope Power Reservoirs.
* Constraint Based Single Timestep
Caution:  Although this method is visible on Slope Power Reservoirs, it is not fully implemented. Selecting this method on Slope Power Reservoir causes the run to terminate with an error.
Revised: 08/02/2021