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User Methods
On the Canal object, there are currently no categories available in RPL Optimization.
What exists as the default arrangement, however, reflects the Canal Flow Table simulation method of the Canal Flow Calculation category; see Canal Flow Table in Objects and Methods for details.
Canal Flow Numerical Approximation
Any time the Canal object is included in the Optimization problem, then Flow 2 is added to the problem, first in terms of a constraint, and then as a function of Lower Elevation and Delta Elevation (Numerical 3-D Approximation). The relationship between Lower Elevation, Delta Elevation and Flow 2 comes from the user-input Canal Flow Table. The table will be queried using the points defined in the Flow 2 LP Param table.
Modeling a Canal
Steps to follow in setting up a canal for optimization are as follows:
1. Set up a running simulation model with appropriate links to and from the canal. Use the Canal Flow Table method.
2. When RPL Optimization control is selected, fill in the Flow 2 LP Param table.
Revised: 08/02/2021