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Run the Model
Every run should be made as follows:
1. Switch the run controller to Simulation, and select Start. See Simulation for details.
After the Simulation run, most slots of interest will still contain NaN.
2. Switch the run controller to Optimization, and click Start. See Optimization for details.
The Optimization run will take considerably longer than the Simulation run. During the Optimization run, the Run Status dialog will report which priority is currently executing form the Optimization Goal Set rather than a timestep as for Simulation. After the Optimization run, all slots that contained NaN after the Simulation run will continue to display NaN. The Optimization solution is only stored internally and has not been returned to the workspace.
3. Switch the run controller to Rulebased Simulation. If no Ruleset is loaded either accept the option to (automatically) generate and load a Post-optimization Ruleset, or alternatively load a custom ruleset, and then click Start. See Post-optimization Rulebased Simulation for details.
After running the Post-optimization Rulebased Simulation, all slots of interest should be populated with data.
Note:  It is important to always run Simulation before running Optimization. Running Optimization without first running Simulation will not produce the desired results as data might be leftover from a previous run, or necessary preprocessing of data by initialization rules or expression slots will not be carried out.
An alternative to automate the three run sequence is to use a RiverWare script with actions to Set Controller and Execute Run for each of the three individual runs. See Managing Scripts in Automation Tools for details on how to configure and use a script.
Revised: 08/02/2021