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Objects and Methods : Reach : User Methods : MODFLOW Link Category Reach
MODFLOW Link Category Reach
The MODFLOW Link Category is dependent upon the selection of No Routing, Time Lag, Variable Time Lag, Muskingum-Cunge, or Muskingum-Cunge Improved methods.
Caution:  RiverWare’s connection with MODFLOW is currently not functional. This category is hidden and the methods have been disabled and cannot be selected. An error will be posted at model load if this method was previously selected. Contact CADSWES for help.
* No Link to MODFLOW
No computations or slots are associated with the No Link to MODFLOW method, this is the default method for the MODFLOW Link Category.
* Link to MODFLOW
The Link to MODFLOW method will allow a Reach to be linked with MODFLOW. The Link to MODFLOW method does not perform any computations, but it is used to configure the model.
Data transferred between RiverWare and MODFLOW, as well as any interpolation and summation of this data, is handled within the computational subbasin framework.
Note:  RiverWare assumes consistent data throughout all related objects’ elevation and stages slots. See Reach Object for a description of the Reach-specific data configuration.
Slots Specific to This Method
 Total MODFLOW GainLoss
Type: Series Slot
Units: flow
Description: The total gain or loss between the reach and the aquifer
Information: A positive number represents a gain while a negative number represents a loss, this value is applied to the bottom of the reach; that is, it is added to the routed flow value calculated from the Routing method)
I/O: Output only
Method Details 
Flux between the reach and underlying groundwater will be calculated in MODFLOW. These individual MODFLOW cell fluxes will be summed within the computational subbasin framework, and the summed value will be automatically mapped to the Total MODFLOW GainLoss slot.
When using the Link to MODFLOW method, either the Inflow Stage Table Look Up or Stage Table Look Up method must be selected. A stage value is needed to calculate the Flux between the River and underlying groundwater and will be transferred through the computational subbasin framework to MODFLOW. See Inflow Stage Table Look Up and Stage Table Look Up for details.
If desired, when both the Link to MODFLOW method and a Diversion from Reach method are selected the existing Diversion slot value may be transferred to surface water body represented in MODFLOW through the computational subbasin framework.
Note:  The Diversion from Reach Category is not available for the Time Lag routing method.
A return flow from a surface water body represented in MODFLOW to a RiverWare Reach may be desired. When the Link to MODFLOW method and the Local Inflow MODFLOW Return method are selected a surface water return flow may be transferred from MODFLOW to the RiverWare Local Inflow MODFLOW Return slot through the computational subbasin framework.
Revised: 08/02/2021