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Accounting : Water Rights Allocation : Using Diagnostics with the Solvers
Using Diagnostics with the Solvers
Because the solution to the water rights problem is computed by a computational subbasin, diagnostics pertinent to the solution are available by selecting the computational subbasin that appears as an argument to the predefined RPL function SolveWaterRights() or SolveWaterRightsWithLags().
This selection is made by opening the Diagnostics Manager (Utilities, then Diagnostics Manager), and from there editing settings for Rulebased Simulation. This opens a Rulebased Simulation Diagnostics Configuration dialog. In this dialog, select Show diagnostics for: Run Management, then SimObj. In the same dialog, in a different pane, choose the objects to which these diagnostics apply; this pane is called Show O diagnostics for, and here you select the button marked Select, which opens an object chooser dialog called Select Diagnostics Setting Object. Here you choose the CompObj with the name of the computational subbasin that is used for the solution. Be sure to select Apply or OK in all the dialogs, and be sure to give a destination for your diagnostics in the Diagnostics Manager dialog.
Note:  Enabling diagnostics for the solver produces voluminous output. You should be sure to restrict the date range for diagnostics as much as possible, and it would be best to send diagnostics to a file rather than to the diagnostics output window.
Revised: 08/02/2021