2018 RiverWare User Group Meeting Colorado River
NCAR/UCAR Center Green Campus Auditorium
  Thursday, February 1, 8am–5pm
  Friday, February 2, 8am–Noon
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Improving Hydro Stakeholder Value

  Gregory D. Mueller—Tennessee Valley Authority

River Management within TVA strives to maximize the value of the Tennessee River System through integrated reservoir management. Because TVA relies heavily on thermal generating assets, one way this is done is by reducing the total cost of generation to rate payers by developing optimal hydropower release schedules. We do this on multiple scales: weekly in the weekly scheduling model, daily in the 6-hour timestep model, hourly in the hourly (day-ahead) model, and in real-time through Waterview optimization at the plant and unit level. We recently implemented an improved 6-hour model to improve day-by-day allocation of discretionary water. Accurate scheduling at a 6-hour timestep requires correct representation of policy and restrictions. Yet, as economic dispatch scheduling occurs at an hourly timestep, modifications were necessary to more accurately model dam release schedules. This presentation will start by exploring the modifications made to improve the turbine release solution in optimization. The presentation will finish by exploring how those improvements tie into improving our Hydro Value Analysis (HVA) model, which assigns value to scheduled special operations, as we begin implementing HVA in RiverWare.

Click HERE for a PDF version of the presentation slides.

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